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    Roy is amazing!



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    Roy is amazing!

    Post by awise1961 on Fri Feb 17, 2012 5:08 pm

    I want to publicly thank Roy for going way beyond what could be considered as excellent custome service.
    Background; I had the large toe joint replaced (titanium is a wonderful thing)on my left foot last Friday, the 10th and have been recovering at home ever since.
    Those that know me, would agree that I am a type A person and I do not sit around well.
    I always like to have stuff to do, and I like accomplishing my goals.
    I had ordered various pieces to finish the upgrades on my PAS-2/3, new Gold Lion KT-77s for my ST-70, and a Pangea P-100 regulated power supply to add to my highly modified Cambridge Audio 640p phono preamp.
    Well, that lasted me until Thursday morning and I have been enjoying burning in all of my new additions.
    However, I'm not going back to work until next Thursday and although I really like listening to music, I needed more to work on while staying in doors.
    Yesterday I decided to go ahead and order the low gain VTA board kit from Roy for my ST-70.
    I contacted him and he said that everything was in stock and that he could indeed get it all together and shipped out in time for me to have early next week.
    After obviously much running around today Roy contacted me with multiple options for shipping/delivery.
    In the end, my kit has shipped, and I will be receiving it via USPS tomorrow afternoon for a very reasonable addition in shipping cost.
    I can't thank Roy enough.
    This is only my second transaction with him and he has treated me like a long time friend.
    I know that I am new to this forum, but I am active member/subsriber to AudioKarma (as well as several automotive forums), and between these two forums I have met and gotten to know many good people, but they don't come much better than Roy that's for sure.
    I have been in the military PCB/Rigidflex business for over thirty years now and I am a mechanical engineer by degree. I once was a mil-certified solderer and obviously still love to assemble stuff even though I have been in sales/marketing for the last ten years or so. Working on my stereo gear when the weather is bad, or when I am house bound such as I currently am certainly helps to keep my wife happy.

    Thanks again Roy.

    Sincerely, Al. Wise

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