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    Finished my PH15



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    Finished my PH15

    Post by Avinunca on Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:08 pm

    Well I have been building my PH15 for ages whenever I've found time but finally it's finished. Will post a picture.
    Great news is that after a couple of hours the sound is already very good indeed. I am hearing stuff I've not heard before from my albums. I am running a Pink Triangle 'Vectored' PT1 with Denon DL304 into a Graham Slee Elevator EXP
    step up amp into the PH15 then into a Unison Unico (valve/SS) hybrid integrated amp.
    The sound is big, detailed, the vocals particularly smooth and realistic. The imaging is spot on, something the EXP helps with.
    Just one hitch - mains hum even with no input cables connected. It is picking up hum from the house wiring. When I put the kettle on for example it increases in amplitude. The phono cabling in the PH15 is dual conductor screened with one leg tied to the screen at the pcb end. This applies to phono input and output cables. Can anyone see a problem with this or suggest why I am picking up so much stray mains. Amp is in a proper case same as Roy supplies.


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