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    GR Research N3



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    GR Research N3

    Post by oldvstar on Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:02 am

    I have an opportunity to purchase a pair of GR Research N3 floor standing speakers. Does anyone here have experience with these speakers? Sensitivity wise they look like the should work OK with my ST70, just wondering if they'really worth the $1k the guy is asking for them. I currently am using a pair of Klipsch Forte's but I'm looking to upgrade.
    Thanks. Terry
    Peter W.

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    Re: GR Research N3

    Post by Peter W. on Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:13 am

    Can't help you with the upgrade information as I have never heard these speakers. But, they are fairly efficient at 1w - 90.5 dB @ 1 meter. They do seem to have reasonable specifications otherwise.

    Specifications are here:

    Prices are here:

    Seems to me that a DIY project would be a bunch cheaper.

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    Re: GR Research N3

    Post by wgallupe on Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:40 am

    I owned the N3 towers (actually known as N3TL for N3 Transmission Line) for a few years until I upgraded to the GR Research OB5. You will have no problem powering them with the ST70. IMHO, they are definitely worth $1000. The planer magnetic tweeter in that speaker is one of the best I have ever heard. Also, the mid-bass drivers are quick and clean. The rear port which is part of the transmission line design extends bass down to around 40hz as long as you can give the speakers about three feet from the wall behind them. Post a pic if you have one. Good luck!

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    Re: GR Research N3

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