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    Matched rectifiers for monoblocks?



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    Matched rectifiers for monoblocks?

    Post by xlr8 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:26 am

    I've been reading through some of the recent rectifier threads and was wondering if 2 different brands of rectifiers that are the same type can have a slightly different effect on the overall output of an amplifier? I know different types have an effect on output. I was wondering if there were any advantage to matching rectifier tubes when used in monoblock amps or if they even had any effect on the balance between 2 monoblocks at all?
    Bob Latino

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    Re: Matched rectifiers for monoblocks?

    Post by Bob Latino on Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:15 pm


    Every rectifier tube has a slightly different output but most of the same type (say a GZ34) will probably be fairly close. One might give you a B+ off pin 8 from an ST-70 of 437 VDC and the next GZ34 might give you 441 VDC. That doesn't mean that one is any better than the other - it's just a normal tube to tube variation. You won't hear any difference in the amp if you swap out one for the other.

    In the case of monoblocks like you mentioned you always try to use the same brand of GZ34 rectifier in each monoblock but if you don't - IMHO you won't hear any difference from one amp to the other.

    It is probably more importand to have matched output tubes and possibly matched triode sections in your driver tubes in your monoblocks than to have matched rectifier tubes ..


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