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    Post up your photos of your Dynaco or VTA gear at the link inside

    Bob Latino
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    Post up your photos of your Dynaco or VTA gear at the link inside

    Post by Bob Latino on Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:13 pm

    On the Dynaco Tube Audio Forum we have a thread where you can show us photos of your Dynaco or VTA tube gear. This thread is at the link below. Some have already put up photos of their system. Everyone member is welcome to post up photos which show how their Dynaco or VTA tube gear is used in their music system.

    NOTE - Do not post "I need help questions" in this area of the forum or I will remove them. Post only photos and explanations of your music system that may include original Dynaco or VTA tube gear.

    NOTE also - If you are a NEW MEMBER of the Dynaco Tube Audio Forum, you cannot post a photo or a link for 1 week after you join. This is to stop spammers from joining the forum and then immediately posting spam or porno photos or links ...

    Your Dynaco system thread


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