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    Frankenamp/system Empty Frankenamp/system

    Post by Pmcc on Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:21 pm

    I have been waiting to utilize a Welborne Labs Reville passive amp that I built a long time ago. With help from Roy I have an sp14 chassis, i/o controls from the reville, khozmo attenuator (waiting for the knob), mundorf and jupiter caps, B+ electrolytics replaced with film caps, some resistor upgrades, psvane CV181z and sylvania chrome dome tubes and all inside a flame cherry cabinet. Running from a mac mini, glyph studio drive through a TeddyPardo DAC into Welborne Laurel amps and klipsch cornerhorns. Sounds fantastic!

    Frankenamp/system Img_2412
    Frankenamp/system Img_2410
    Frankenamp/system Img_2411
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