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    Random Thoughts on the Care and Feeding of Audio Equipment - Tube-Centric

    Peter W.
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    Random Thoughts on the Care and Feeding of Audio Equipment - Tube-Centric Empty Random Thoughts on the Care and Feeding of Audio Equipment - Tube-Centric

    Post by Peter W. on Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:34 pm

    A number of recent discussions have focused on various issues from over/under line voltage to arcing tubes and so forth. Which in my overly didactic mind has led me to some suggestions:

    a) We should all have a means to measure actual current use of our equipment - individually and together.
         1. Individually so that if there is any change, we might spot it before harm is done.
         2. Together, so that we might leave the means-of-measurement on-line, and isolate individual pieces if a discrepancy is noticed.
    b) We should check wallplate voltage on a regular basis.

    There are Kill-a-Watt devices that claim 2% accuracy, some with multiple outlets, such that individual items may be isolated without a lot of unplugging - and such that the device may be on-line at all times. They, typically, are less than $60 each at that level.   is one such.

    Seems like this might be a handy device in general, and useful in actual practice.

    It is my considered belief (and habit after more than 40 years in the hobby) that I should know within a couple of watts the consumption of any piece of audio equipment I own. I will also state that (at least) once per year, I do actually check the active inventory for any changes. Tube stuff, a bit more often than that. And of the seven active systems in two locations, at least one or two items will get a going-over as a result of said checks. May be as small as a thorough cleaning, and it may be an entire re-cap or more.

    If this seems an excessive number of systems - keep in mind that the radio-room has three, alone. Two in the rest of the house, one at the summer house, one at work account for the rest. The radio-room systems vary considerably.

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