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    Tubes4HiFi update


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    Tubes4HiFi update Empty Tubes4HiFi update

    Post by tubes4hifi Thu Jun 30, 2022 11:49 pm

    as of July 1st, all amps, all preamps, all tubes IN STOCK !
    No more waiting, at least those who jump now, if you wait a month some stock may sell out again.
    Dan is now selling all the amps and power tubes and rectifier tubes.
    Roy is still selling all the ST70 upgrades, mods, and especially all the preamps!

    Now check this out. Our best selling and TOP performing preamp (the SP14, which compares very favorably with $5000+ preamps)
    is available in both closed chassis and open top version. Manual volume & select or remote volume & select available.
    PLUS - NEW !!! The SP13 is back !! The SP13 is nearly 95% identical to the SP14, it uses 12AU7 tubes instead of the bigger 6SN7 tubes.
    Best of all, you get 90% of the performance of the SP14 for HALF the price !! And in a smaller package.
    Kits available mid-July. PCB kit with parts for $199 !! Put the SP13 PCB in an SP10 chassis with remote control volume and selector,
    and that comes to a total of $599, and it's already 1/2 completed, just assemble the board and install in the assembled chassis unit.
    For non-builders ready to plug one in - already assembled/tested/warrantied - $799. That's still HALF the price of a new SP14,
    and unless you've got $2000+ speakers and great ears, likely you can't hear the difference! Come and get it !
    It may be a week or two before I get this one on the website, but email or PM me if interested.
    Roy - preamps and amp mods
    Dan - full amplifier kits (ST70-ST120-M125)

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    Tubes4HiFi update Empty Re: Tubes4HiFi update

    Post by DavidR Wed Jul 20, 2022 3:55 pm

    You should offer an option of using 12BH7 tubes vs 12AU7.
    More gain. Better SQ (opinion of course).

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