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    ST120 Coming Out of Mothballs


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    ST120 Coming Out of Mothballs Empty ST120 Coming Out of Mothballs

    Post by arledgsc Wed Nov 23, 2022 11:20 am

    Hi all!  Been a while since posting on this site.  Life changes like retirement, moving, Covid, etc. forced me to pack up the VTA ST120 until time and space allows (since 2017).  Have been using a transistor amp but music lost its magic.  Tired of throwing money at it and long for tube amplification.  So buying a new rack and hopefully Jan. 2023 I can reinstall the ST120.

    Understand Bob L. has retired and wish him well.  I see Roy posting his wealth of knowledge.  The VTA line-up of tube amps are still the best bargain (quality+performance).  Glad they are still sold and very affordable.

    Debated whether to recap the electrolytics in the dormant ST120 (2012).  But a little smoke and drama never fazed me.  So after visual checkout going to fire it up and see how it performs.  At least this time around I have a PS Audio power plant to regen and regulate line voltage so looking forward to that.  

    Looking back over the years I did a lot of mods on the ST120 and they were worth the money/ effort.  Appreciate the help and knowledge of the forum.  The ST120 is an outstanding performer when married to tubes you like.

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