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    my version of the ST120


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    Re: my version of the ST120

    Post by tubes4hifi on Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:05 pm

    analog sand is still better than digital sand anyday! If you want digital tubes, then go back and look at those room size ENIAC computers from the 50s that had less computing power than any smartphone you can buy now for $50.

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    Re: my version of the ST120

    Post by deepee99 on Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:52 pm

    sKiZo wrote:10-4 good buddy? That's CBer talk and not welcome on the ham bands.

    Main difference between a hammer and CBer? An agitated hammer will remark on someone's resemblance to the posterior portions of a member of the genus Equus in the family Equidae, where a CBer will just call them a horse's ass ...  clown

    MontanaWay wrote:digital hardware?????HUH!....wash your mouth out with soap and water mister!!!!! Twisted Evil ....there are no 1's and 0's in this baby! noise...since everything is ANALOG!!!!! What a Face

    I see what looks to be a suspicious amount of silicon in there, and if that ain't 1's and 0's, I'll eat my hat!

    (I better run down to the bakery and order up a frosted double chocolate hat just in case you decide to take me up on that. rabbit

    Reason I mentioned noise is it's not uncommon to get some crosstalk between silicon in close proximity to old school line level components. If that happens, usually as simple as adding a metal divider (similar to what you'd see in a tuner) to keep the circuits from interacting.

    On that power supply for accessory circuits ... this one taps out for 24v and 12v. I went as far as making the mounting plate and evarthang, then decided against it.

    10-4 Good Buddy you will never hear on the ham bands. 73 is the appropriate sign-off, whether on voice or CW . If you know Morse, 73 is dah-dat dit dit, dit dit dit dah dah. Mirror images of the numbers 7 and 3. Followed by SK (dit dit dit dah dit dah) when you're pulling the switch for the night. Thread drift, I fear.
    I would certainly follow Roy's advice elsewhere on a decent soldering iron. My el-cheapo Weller caused me a lot of grief.

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