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    Replacement Power Transformer for MkII/MkIII


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    Replacement Power Transformer for MkII/MkIII

    Post by terry37932 on Mon May 23, 2011 11:35 am


    This probably is going to sound like a rookie question but here goes. There is a guy on ebay out of Canada who is selling power transformers for the Dynaco ST70/MkII/MkIII. Ebay Auction #300554286557, are these any good? Or should I just stick with the regular dynaco power transformers?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Bob Latino

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    Re: Replacement Power Transformer for MkII/MkIII

    Post by Bob Latino on Mon May 23, 2011 3:42 pm


    That power transformer probably could be used on a Dynaco Mark III as a replacement transformer. The three things that bother me are ..

    1. Mounting this transformer in the place that the stock P-782 transformer goes could be an issue.
    2. There is no cover for the windings so the Mark III amp won't look original.
    3. If you decide to sell the amp, it will be seriously devalued with that torroid power transformer sitting on top.

    My advice is to pay the extra $25 and get the Dynakitparts replacement P-782 power transformer for a Mark III. The amp will look original and have higher resale value.


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