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    Choke C-354 in Dynaco ST-70?


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    Choke C-354 in Dynaco ST-70? Empty Choke C-354 in Dynaco ST-70?

    Post by ViperZ Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:50 pm

    Hi all,

    Does anybody know the electrical properties of the choke in ST-70, which is marked C-354? Specifically, what is the inductance of the choke, and what current is it rated for?

    I have a similar tube amp, which does not have a choke, so would like to do some calculations for that amp, based on the choke values in the ST-70.


    P.S. I guess I found my answer just by Googling (to my own surprise).

    D.C. filter choke. 1.75 Henries, 200ma. DC current, 62 ohms, 400 vdc (max) 10% Tolerance. (from dynakitparts).

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