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    ANNOUNCEMENT about Tubes4HiFi


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    ANNOUNCEMENT about Tubes4HiFi Empty ANNOUNCEMENT about Tubes4HiFi

    Post by tubes4hifi Wed Mar 30, 2022 9:10 pm

    I finally have a buyer for the amplifier half of the business, effective May 16 all amp sales and service will start with my new partner Dan Willoughby in Colorado.
    I will spend a week with him setting things up, not many changes at first, the website will remain as is, and in general no obvious changes.
    For now I will remain doing ALL other parts of the tubes4hifi business, preamps, amp mods, parts, etc and always technical support.

    Roy (VTA tube preamp kits and wired VTA preamps. Upgrades to original Dynaco tube gear) >

    Dan (VTA tube amp kits and wired VTA amps) >

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