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    Power Tower


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    Power Tower Empty Power Tower

    Post by CletusB Wed Dec 21, 2022 4:15 pm

    Season's Greetings all!
    I've scored an Apple Mac Pro aluminum tower enclosure (they make really nice project cases), so I'm making me a power conditioning and distribution system for my stereo. Here are the features:
    1. AC Latching Relay  (drops out and locks out on a power outage, manually reset)
    2. GFCI
    3. Z-Wave smart-switch (Alexa voice actuated power control)
    4. RFI filtering
    5. Servo Variac automatic mains voltage regulation.
    6. Digital AC mains volts, amps, power display
    7. Digital regulated AC volts, amps, power display
    8. Linear 5V 6A regulated DC power supply (for Raspberry Pi/Allo Boss DAC)
    9. Sequenced power-up for the various stereo component groups
    10. AC voltage ramp up (soft start) for tube amp.

    I actually have it all working great already for maybe the last month, but it's in little bits and pieces mocked-up together and quite a mess. Now to put it all together in an attractive cabinet and make it safe. Will post some pics when it's done.

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    Power Tower Empty Re: Power Tower

    Post by markeby Mon Dec 26, 2022 3:56 pm

    I built several of these for myself and two church A/V system controls.  I used rack mount power distribution boxes that had a lot of open space. These have an Arduino Nano with programable power up and power down delays with 12 and 5 volt power outputs and remote capability (one unit and trigger any number of other units to sequence along with the master).  These have served for several years and my unit has been in service or the last 7 years.  Auto brownout protection as well as sticky mode.  If a monitor is really desired, I just plug my phone into the USB port.

    Power Tower 4311[/url]

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