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    blown tubes


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    blown tubes Empty blown tubes

    Post by tubes4hifi Thu Jun 08, 2023 7:51 pm

    over the past few years, it seems the #1 problem for most users (especially ST120 and M125 owners)
    is either blown output tubes and/or blown rectifier tubes (and in some cases, this causes a blown quad cap).
    The solution is actually quite simple but since I haven't seen anyone post this info (other than a couple posts I made 5 years ago)
    I've decided to order a simple kit on my ST70 Tubes4HiFi page.
    This will consist of two terminal strips and five fuses. One fuse for the rectifier tube and one fuse for each output tube.
    $10 for the kit plus $5 shipping.
    Two other new items are for monitoring bias, with either tip jacks to replace the front octal sockets, or blue meters.


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