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    Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Bob Latino

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    Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by Bob Latino on Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:28 pm

    Here in this sticky thread is where you may post any older personal audio related items you may have for sale or you may want. You may NOT advertise any NEW audio related items that you may sell on an ongoing basis on Ebay, Audiogon or any web site. This thread is not to be used for commercial sellers of audio gear. Commercial sellers may, however, advertise any personal used audio gear that they may have. It is helpful if you post a photo of the item. This forum is supposed to be able to host a photo but I have trouble making it work so you will have to host the photo yourself on Photobucket or one of the other free photo hosting web sites. Do not post any ITEMS FOR SALE in the main "basket" of the Dynaco Tube Audio Forum or I will remove the post.

    NOTE 1 - If you want to post a FOR SALE item in this thread please hit the "Post Reply" button to add your item IN THIS THREAD. Do not use the "Post New" button. If you hit the "Post New" button, your for sale item will appear in the main body of the forum instead of this thread.

    NOTE 2 - After your item has been sold please EDIT your post and mark the item as "SOLD" and I will remove your item from this thread.

    Also - After about 1 year I will remove your post whether it has been sold or not ..


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    Peter W.

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    Not Dynaco - but Related and Free to a Good Home

    Post by Peter W. on Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:06 pm

    First: The conditions:

    Must pick up in Melrose Park, PA. I WILL NOT SHIP.

    Must pick on-or-before this coming Saturday.

    I am not available this coming Wednesday.

    Must take all-or-nothing. No cherry-picking (though there are no pits).

    I do not want to see them on eBay the moment after pick-up. I am not stating that this cannot happen, but I would prefer they go to a user rather than an exploiter.

    One working Fisher tube tuner - apparently with the SS MPX chip on board as I remember, it is an FM200B and with the wood case.

    One working (black) Nikko integrated amplifier. Could be an NA 690 as it has meters. Good condition.

    One working Sony dual-cassette deck. Black

    One working no-name 5-disc CD/DVD changer with remote and cable.

    I am culling the herd, and I have not-much-use for Pacific-Rim equipment, nor will I be ever likely to use the Fisher tuner. So, I am passing them on for exactly what I paid for them.

    First person-by-date-stamp-on-email gets it. Remove spaces and add appropriate symbols.

    p f j w a t a o l d o t c o m

    Peter Wieck

    Melrose Park, PA

    j beede

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    Clear top 12AU7

    Post by j beede on Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:46 pm

    I have some tubes that I don't need. No crazy bargains here.

    -Pair of Penta KT-88 "coke bottles", measure 90%+ on B+K 707, $50, free shipping
    -Four clear top 12AU7 marked Motorola or RCA, make an offer
    -Quad set of W. German 12AX7 pulled out of a PAS-3, marked DYNACO $200, free shipping
    -Pair of gray Genelex (GB) KT-66, test near new on B+K 707, make an offer
    -Set of four THD Yellow Jacket octal to EL-84 adapters with set of 6P14P or EL-84 $160, free shipping
    -Weber WU4GB, used, $12, free shipping
    -Pair of high altitude 5R4WGY "potato mashers", cool look $50, free shipping

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    Peter W.

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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by Peter W. on Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:13 am

    Here is a link to photos of the FM3 I have for sale.

    That is an early version of the FM3 - flat-topped cans. This makes it a bit more fiddly to align, but the end-results are the same. So... perhaps 45 minutes for the full alignment process rather than 30 minutes. Once aligned, it does hold well, however.


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    Factory Wired PAS-3X with Orginal Dynaco Tubes

    Post by ericoto on Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:26 pm

    I have an exceptionally clean factory wired Dynaco PAS-3X for sale. I have had for about 20 years, used little, it also includes a wood case.
    Everything is original even has Dynaco labeled telefunken 12AX7 tubes. Listing for $600 or make an offer.


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    SCA-35 Selector Switch

    Post by Tom_Johnson on Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:11 pm

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a selectror switch for a Dynaco SCA-35. Picked it up on trade and did not notice that one wafer on the selector switch was broken into 3 parts. So I need a wafer or the complete controler. I tried to fix it, did not come out good. Please contact me if you have one. Thanks, Tom

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    for sale; grace m902 pre, VTA ST120 (custom chassis), acurus 150 SS amp, and add'l tube sets

    Post by tajanes on Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:47 pm

    I’m looking to sell my grace m902 (dac/headphone amp/pre with remote), custom chassis built VTA Dynaco ST120 stereo tube amp (and extra tube sets), and an acurus 150 amp. These are the units I had at the Iowa show (biamping my speakers via a miniDSP). I have original boxes for the grace pre and acurus, however I’m not wanting to ship due to the tube amp. I’m in the 60521 Hinsdale / Chicago area.

    While I really enjoy these units, I’ve not come up with a good way to integrate them into a A/V setting (as I’ve posted, I’m not looking to run my tube amp for ‘just TV’ and while there are work around options to switch between a SS and my tube amp setup, I’m afraid if someone else wants to watch TV and tries to ‘get it right’ that something is going to fry. Prefer to sell as a group, as selling a single unit puts me in limbo (but would consider offers).

    Here is a link to my google drive folder with pics (and info / pricing).

    grace m902 (pre/dac/headphone amp) with remote $900
    units listed hifishark £999 /$1276 US
    (originally ~ $1850 inluding remote)

    acurus 150 amp $300
    units listed hifishark $340

    (VTA) Dynaco VTA ST120 stereo tube amp $1,000
    with time delay relay, custom chassis
    60w pentode, approx 35 triode mode
    units go for $980 (w relay) as a kit no tubes
    to $1650 wired with tubes std chassis

    set 4 KT90EHs and set of 4 JJ 6550s power tubes
    jj GZ34 rectifier tube, TAD rectifyer tube
    Webber copper cap rectirfers WZ34, and WZ68
    3 Northern Electric 12AU7s preamp tubes
    rectifer tubes new, power tubes and preamp tubes
    used: tube rolling /swapping in and out
    original value of tubes ~$600 $300



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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by audiobill on Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:29 pm

    These seem to be very fair prices....


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    FS: SDS Labs Driver and Capacitor Boards for the MKIII

    Post by Wilhelm on Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:51 pm

    Selling both SDS Labs driver and capacitor boards for the MKIII.  The driver boards are labeled Triode Electronics.  That's 2 driver boards and 2 cap boards.  

    One of each board has been assembled, while the other two boards are still in kit form and include everything to make them complete.  I briefly installed the assembled boards in one of my MKIII's but, in the end, chose to keep them original.  The assembled boards cannot have more than an hour of use.  Unfortunately, the assembled cap board is missing three of the 100uf caps as they suffered soldering iron damage by my careless hand.  Mouser sells the replacement caps for about $2.79 each.

    I will sell all 4 boards for $180 shipped anywhere within the continental USA, Paypal fees included.  Alternatively, if you only want the unassembled kits, I will sell them as separate for $100 shipped.  However, the best deal is all 4 boards, as that is basically the cost of the cap boards alone.  Your choice.

    You may have noticed that the assembled driver board has Xicon caps installed and the kit has Solen's.  Although not pictured I will include 4 additional new Solen's if both driver boards are purchased.

    Not trying to make any money on these, just want to pass them on to someone who can or wants to use them.  Reply here or send me a PM if interested and we can work out the details.  Please, check out my feedback on eBay, username spec_script and Audiogon, username wpm.  Thanks!


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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

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