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    Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Bob Latino

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    Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by Bob Latino on Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:28 pm

    Here in this sticky thread is where you may post any older personal audio related items you may have for sale or you may want. You may NOT advertise any NEW audio related items that you may sell on an ongoing basis on Ebay, Audiogon or any web site. This thread is not to be used for commercial sellers of audio gear. Commercial sellers may, however, advertise any personal used audio gear that they may have. It is helpful if you post a photo of the item. This forum is supposed to be able to host a photo but I have trouble making it work so you will have to host the photo yourself on Photobucket or one of the other free photo hosting web sites. Do not post any ITEMS FOR SALE in the main "basket" of the Dynaco Tube Audio Forum or I will remove the post.

    NOTE 1 - If you want to post a FOR SALE item in this thread please hit the "Post Reply" button to add your item IN THIS THREAD. Do not use the "Post New" button. If you hit the "Post New" button, your for sale item will appear in the main body of the forum instead of this thread.

    NOTE 2 - After your item has been sold please EDIT your post and mark the item as "SOLD" and I will remove your item from this thread.

    Also - After about 1 year I will remove your post whether it has been sold or not ..


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    j beede

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    Pair of Penta KT-88 "coke bottles" $70 shipped to US48

    Post by j beede on Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:06 pm

    I have a pair of Penta KT-88 "coke bottles" that both measure "90" on my B&K 707. $70 includes shipping to US48.

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    Bob Weston

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    Dynaco Mark Vi pair for sale

    Post by Bob Weston on Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:12 pm

    I have a pair of Dynaco Mark VI.
    These amps haven't been turned on for probably 30 years.
    1 of the monoblocks is original and still has 8417 tubes.
    The other does not have the tubes. I used to use it as a guitar amp, and a drink was set on top of the screened case and spilled. 15 years ago, my bass player (a professional electronics buff) re-capped the unit and said that it looked fine. However, this unit has not yet been turned-on, and still does not have the 8417s. I'm going to dig it out of storage to see if the other tubes are still intact.
    Honesty being the best policy - I'd like to sell these to someone who appreciates them and who can put them to good use.
    Originally, I used these amps in an elaborate stereo system. I worked at a stereo store then (about 40 years ago), and I was "really into it".
    So I found this forum and thought I'd present this.
    Please email me if you are interested."


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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by doncrossman on Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:30 pm

    Hi All
    i am looking for a pair of original a431 trannies so i can complete a set of mono blocks . i know that i can get new ones. i prefer to have originals.


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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by tweed on Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:36 am

    Have a pair of these PHILIPS 5R4GYS MADE IN HOLLAND rectifiers from Upscale audio.

    Purchased them for a piece of equipment that did not work out so the tubes are new in box. Selling for $100 each/ paid 139.00.



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    M125 monbolocks for sale Any Interest

    Post by chefla on Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:48 pm

    unfortunately I have to sell my 2 m125 amps.  They have kt88 gold lions and wz68 weber copper caps.

    The price is $500 Each with no tubes. buyer pays actual shipping costs to be determined at time of sale.

    The gz33's in two of the photos are not included.

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    Peter W.

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    OT - Solid-State Dynaco ST-120s

    Post by Peter W. on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:07 am

    So as to make NO confusing statements - I am writing of SOLID-STATE ST120s made from the late 1960s through the demise of Dynaco.

    I snagged four (4) of these at Kutztown in May, all in some greater or lesser degree of non-function but all entirely restorable. My intent is to restore them to "full" TIP-Mod status, basic description here:

    There is more sometimes, depending on the vintage of the original iron. I match transistors between and within channels, and screen capacitors as well. output transistors are socketed. The covers are typically re-painted with black hammertone, and the plated bottoms cleaned to the extent possible. I also have one (1) ready to go at this time. Pictures available on request.

    These make excellent shop-amps, second-system amps and with the TIP-Mod are far more stable than OEM and no slouches at all in performance. Possibly a "summer" amp as when properly modified, they run fairly cool.

    For an additional $75, I will also do the upgraded self-resetting power-supply modification.

    Generally, I get about $125 + shipping - across a range from as little as $105 to as much as $250 depending on a) Cosmetics and b) additional mods as requested (and there are more than a few).

    Or one may purchase a rough carcass for $50 and up with only the power-transformer guaranteed, and do the mods directly. It is not rocket science and most mods may be purchased as drop-in items - boards, cap assemblies and such - albeit at some cost.

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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by slate1 on Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:48 am

    McShane matched quad of Gold Lion KT-88 tubes - brand new, just arrived this week. I've decided to stick with what I have for a while longer. $200 shipped, payment via PayPal friends and family - you can check out Audiogon (vinyladdict) where I have 144 positive feedbacks with a 100% positive rating or eBay (vynyltap) where I have 1,930 feedbacks with a 100% positive rating for a feedback history. PM with any questions or concerns.

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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by jfine on Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:23 am

    good price I like those what'd you end up keeping?

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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by slate1 on Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:19 am

    I know I’ll be in the minority, but in my system I actually preferred the Sovtek 6550WE’s that came with the amp.


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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by GP49 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:15 pm

    Just to add:  When I was in the business, I worked on a lot of Dynaco Stereo 120s.  If correctly done, they in no way resemble their reputation as harsh-sounding solid state meanies.  I kept two of them when customers didn't want to pay the cost of repair.  In all fairness, one had shorted output and driver transistors and assorted associated parts, and would have been costly to fix; but the other only had an open Class A input transistor and was an inexpensive fix.  I worked on them in my spare time and both turned out splendidly.  I still have one, my brother the other and they both still function and sound fine.  At intervals the equipment in my system gets a periodic going-over on the bench.  When my tube amps (modified and upgraded from Dynaco Mark IIs) undergo this process, the Stereo 120 substitutes.

    Some technicians would repair the Dynaco Stereo 120 with cheap output transistors...nonselected 2N3055s that they bought for less than a dollar.  "Floor sweepings," we used to call them.  Dynaco used 2N3055s in their early production (and the transistors were often marked, "2N3055") but they were selected and matched by the factory.  No wonder the ones fixed with the cheapies didn't sound right, or blew up!

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    Harmon Kardon A300 ready to go

    Post by Dave_in_Va on Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:04 pm

    "I purchased this from an H-K A300 enthusiast last Dec. The amp has been totally recapped and is ready to go. When I got it, it had mostly all orig. tubes. I replaced the H-K 7408 tubes with new in the box WW II Ken Rad 6V6GC (pre-GE). I think I may have also replaced a few of the pre-amp tubes with cork sniffer stuff.

    So, I used this for streaming on Roku coming out of my TV (through a Music Fidelity DAC). Worked fine. Then I remembered I had a solid state home theater amp that had a optical audio input so I swapped the HK out. The SS Yamaha is fine for TV type stuff. I use my VTA stuff (with real cork sniffer tubes) for serious music listening.

    Anyway...$531 which is exactly what I paid for it except it still has about $150 extra worth of my tubes installed.

    It has the (nicely painted a industrial grey) cover.

    Great for a second system, etc.


    PS If you want pics etc., and you're serious, please email me"

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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

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