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    Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread


    Bob Latino

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    Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by Bob Latino on Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:28 pm

    Here in this sticky thread is where you may post any older personal audio related items you may have for sale or you may want. You may NOT advertise any NEW audio related items that you may sell on an ongoing basis on Ebay, Audiogon or any web site. This thread is not to be used for commercial sellers of audio gear. Commercial sellers may, however, advertise any personal used audio gear that they may have. It is helpful if you post a photo of the item. This forum is supposed to be able to host a photo but I have trouble making it work so you will have to host the photo yourself on Photobucket or one of the other free photo hosting web sites. Do not post any ITEMS FOR SALE in the main "basket" of the Dynaco Tube Audio Forum or I will remove the post.

    NOTE 1 - If you want to post a FOR SALE item in this thread please hit the "Post Reply" button to add your item IN THIS THREAD. Do not use the "Post New" button. If you hit the "Post New" button, your for sale item will appear in the main body of the forum instead of this thread.

    NOTE 2 - After your item has been sold please EDIT your post and mark the item as "SOLD" and I will remove your item from this thread.

    Also - After about 1 year I will remove your post whether it has been sold or not ..


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    B&W 804S speakers

    Post by bluemeanies on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:15 pm

    Up for sale a pair of B&W804S speakers. Speakers and grills are in mint condition. I have the original boxes and manuals also jumper cables.
    I prefer local pickup in the PA area. Delaware county Folsom Pa 19033
    Cash or Paypal with friends or buyer adds 3% additional charges for PayPal fee.



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    SCA-35 bottom panel needed

    Post by junkjer on Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:38 pm

    Hi- I'm hoping to find a couple of bottom panels for SCA-35s without having to buy the whole chassis. Even if you don't have one, ideas on where I could find them are welcome. Thanks.


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    WANTED! Dynaco ST-35 working or not.. Need a winter project

    Post by dynaco_redd on Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:02 am

    I am looking for a dynaco st-35 to restore or build over this winter. If you have one you could spare please let me know thank-you for your time. I really would like an old original one but will consider all.. thanks

    j beede

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    6550 and KT-88 tubes

    Post by j beede on Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:52 pm

    I will never use these...

    JJ KT-88 NIB MP
    Svetlana 6550 NIB MP
    trio of unbranded Chinese 6550, no box

    I have only tested these tubes by installing once in a MkIII to see if they bias okay. All passed that basic check. Boxes show some wear from having me check to see what's inside once a year or so...

    Make an offer for all 7 tubes.


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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by Maakuo on Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:21 pm


    I'm sure members here are aware of Bob Latino and his excellent vacuum tubes amplifiers. Here for sale is a brand new M-125 Monoblock which you can read about on Bob Latino's website for the specifications. They have 125 Watts per channel!

    These amps sound AWESOME! They've got about 45 minutes of playing time. ALL tubes are BRAND NEW.

    The cost to make these Monoblocks are $2,900.

    Tubes included are:

    - Tung-sol KT-120 Matched Quad x8 (four in each side).

    - Mullard GZ-33 1960's NOS Rectifier tube (one on each side).

    - 12BH7 EH (Electro-Harmonix) (two for each side).

    The GZ-33 Mullard came from Switzerland and tested by their technician and my technician. They are brand new with full life and cost me $280.

    The other tubes cost me $466.

    That's $746 bonus onto these amps which cost me $3,646 total!!

    I repeat, I am selling these for $2,300. Local pick up is preferred but shipping can work.

    Comes with custom made dust cover!!

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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by Maakuo on Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:40 pm

    If you send me a private message, I can link you plenty of pictures. I'm also selling this on a forum called AudioKarma, whom I've been with for a long time. People there know me. I also have 100% feedback on EBay. My location is Houston, Texas.



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    Post by maz on Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:07 pm

    Hello All,
    I'm looking for a good and working set (2 or 4) of KT-88's or (4)KT-120's

    I'm having some issues with my amp and need to see if my current tubes are cooked.

    Please reply/test or call 908-705-1267 or email

    I have no preference of brand, the tube must be in guaranteed perfect working order.



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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

    Post by wgallupe on Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:40 pm


    Selling my beloved ST-120 (so I can fund the purchase of a pair of VTA MK3 monoblocks). I am the original owner/builder. The amp and tubes are less than two years old. Options include the power supply and Russian coupling cap upgrades. I made some changes to personalize it:

    Added a cover plate to hide the driver board and a face plate for a more 'traditional' look. Both ordered from Front Panel Express.
    Added four jacks on the top surface instead of using the front mounted octal sockets for bias power access points.
    Input signal enters from the back and goes straight to the driver board using a fixed length of VH Audio Pulsar cable. (My favorite for DIY interconnects).
    Moved the power switch to the front panel.
    Transformer covers are nickel plated.  

    The (4) Tungsol KT120 power tubes, (3) RCA Cleartop 12au7 driver tubes and (1) Weber WZ68 Rectifier are included. All are, of course used but working fine. I am willing to sell the amp without the tubes if preferred. (I can use the tubes in the future monoblocks).

    $1100 with tubes, $1000 without tubes. I'll cover shipping to continental USA. See my feedback on eBay, AudiogoN and Audio Asylum. My ID is wgallupe for all three.


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    T-shirt and hats

    Post by tubes4hifi Yesterday at 6:48 pm

    leftover excess inventory, $12 each including shipping (in USA), just PM or email me, thanks

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    Re: Place FOR SALE or WANTED audio related items in this STICKY thread

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