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    PC3a resistor choices


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    PC3a resistor choices

    Post by dmag on Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:11 am

    I currently am using a VTA ST70 in my system. Pio caps etc.
    I also have another st70 I'll keep reasonably stock, that will be getting a 7199 circuit driver board.
    The old board , a replacement, has carbon film resistors, and metal oxide in the higher wattage positions
    Coupling caps are 716 orange drop.
    All in all sounds pretty good.
    I would like to take the opportunity to experiment a little with a mix of new carbon comp and metal film .
    From what I read metal film is a must in the "grid to ground", and perhaps a couple other positions.

    Is this reasonable? If so,what are the positions where metal film is best,and what are the functions of the given resistors.
    Also should I stick with the 716's or would it be worth using something else like k40y pios in the circuit.

    As for the VTA amp, Is the new octal driver a worthwhile upgrade over my current board? I was unable to see a rev. number on it but its slightly different from your pictured "classic" board. Id guess I did it about two years ago.
    Thanks in advance

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