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    new preamp options


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    new preamp options

    Post by tubes4hifi on Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:52 pm

    I haven't posted any of this information on my website yet, will try to sometime in the next week.
    Now available, two new options . . .
    1 - passive tone controls - this is bass & treble, +/- 6db of boost/cut, non-powered, a simple RC network, can be added to SP12 or SP14 for $40.   Insertion loss of 6db, can be overcome with different input tubes.
    2 - remote controlled volume and channel selection - 128 steps of volume, relay controlled, very high quality (similar to the existing Khomzo option at $290) and also 4 channels of input selection.
        Very nice remote, machined from solid aluminum, has 4 steps of display brightness, channel input, volume level, and MUTE.   Only $100 upgrade to kit price, or $150 separately by itself.
    Photo below shows an SP12 preamp with both options installed, and input tubes changed from 12AU7 to 12AT7 to offset gain loss.  (this is for sale, see FOR SALE listings in forum)

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