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    Broke my PAS3


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    Broke my PAS3

    Post by Mikeski on Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:25 pm

    Well, I was trying to do my own work. It's been years and of course I messed up.

    I replaced PC6 and left the power disconnect from the back. Not to bad but the lead going to point 16 on the board was shorted to ground. But now I get this ba thump, ba thump, .... Just say it and that is about the frequency which is on the output and the music is muted. The Ba Thump is not muted.

    I checked the voltages at the tube and I get 460vdc at pin 7 with no load.

    I get 460vdc at the black wires that hook up to 16 on each of the boards

    With the wires connected I get 310vdc on pin 16 of PC5 and 195vdc on pin 16 of PC5.

    I also removed PC6 from the circuit and the line amp output still ba thumps.

    I am running a Tubes 4 hifi power supply.


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