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    PAS2 quad cap


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    PAS2 quad cap  Empty PAS2 quad cap

    Post by zadig on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:05 am

    If I'm a newbie on the forum, I use a PAS2 with great pleasure for around 10 years in input of different DIY tube amplifier. Actually a SE VT-52 triode amplifier.
    This forum was very helpfull for me to maintain in order this equipment.
    When I bought the PAS2, the caps on the PC5 and PC6 has been replaced by a previous owner with new Kimber caps and the selenium rectifier changed for diodes. A new transformer ( 230V) replace the US one.

    Now I want to replace the original quad cap which is working well, but it's now more than 40 years old...

    My question is about the right place of the four sections ( original 30/20/20/10 µF)?
    According to their data-sheets the 12X4 needs a maximum input 10µF cap, I suppose 10µF is the first ( square ref)the place of the three others non critic ??
    But what about the new one's available ( either 20/20/20/20 or 40/20/20/20)
    I thank you for help.

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    PAS2 quad cap  Empty Re: PAS2 quad cap

    Post by hawaii.ken on Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:03 am

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