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    Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?



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    Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

    Post by Johnny2Bad on Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:01 pm

    PeterCapo wrote:

    I must beg to differ.  As an open forum, anyone can share their personal views, even if similar views have already been expressed by others.  Having been around for a while in this and other forums, this seems to me neither uncommon nor inappropriate.

    And, at the risk of issuing another reminder, direct comparison [as you mention] with the Radial Stereo 70 is certainly appropriate because Bob’s, Kevin’s and Frank’s Stereo 70s are also available fully assembled with plenty of support available from them and from experienced attenders of forums, most of which are very happy customers.

    Finally, how can anyone reliably predict what anyone else may wish to purchase, or who might be in the audience?  My observation has been that there are regular attenders here, and in other forums, who are willing to consider adding to their stables.  Over time, it has also become clear enough to me that many others visit forums to look for advice from experience, and those with experience are willing to help.

    Your opinion is noted (obviously).

    I am not clear about what you are referring to in the first paragraph. I don't see where I claimed people should not express their personal views. I did opine that I believed every member here was well aware of the *facts* (Dynaco ST-70 and Dynaco ST-70III being different products from different vendors at different prices) and those facts did not require repeating. Please do continue to post your opinions, but the items I suggested we all are aware of, are facts, not opinions.

    If there is any confusion, let me state it clearly here that expressions of opinion are clearly warranted. My first post was an opinion, and for that I find I'm asked to defend a company I have no interest in defending. All I tried (and failed, apparently) to do was to give the members here the background on Radial Engineering that I am aware of. Looks like doing so touched a nerve.

    My only comment in reference to opinion (complaints about pricing) was that I don't understand why. Feel free to enlighten me on that point. I understand the need to rant, but
    other than that ... Why?

    I am not in possession of a crystal ball, and wouldn't be wasting my time in audio forums if I did own one*, but if there is a single member of this forum who intends to buy a Dynaco ST-70III speak up now. I doubt we will find any takers, but then again, there's that missing crystal ball. That is the audience I suggest isn't likely to hear complaints that amount to, in essence, a protest that a product actually exists.

    I suppose, in a very liberal way, you could argue that direct comparisons to a product that is a re-engineered copy of a classic amplifier sold direct to the consumer versus one that is a new manufactured retail-to-consumer amplifier of different chassis, components, and topology, and one that few people amongst the subjectivists have actually heard (or seen, although the objectivists will complain we're not supposed to look), could be made.

    I would rather not as I don't see how they are similar, let alone the same. Even an unrestored original Dynaco ST-70 is not the same as the product being offered from new parts by independent assemblers, but at least it's close. Perhaps I should complain that I can buy an original ST-70 on eBay for less than the newly minted fully assembled versions from the vendors this forum exists to support, but I still don't see the point of price complaints, regardless of whom is lesser and whom is greater, for products I won't be buying, so I won't.

    But the greater problem is equating the two (ST-70 and ST-70III) in any way in the first place, which I refuse to do. They are two completely different ducks in my opinion. That they are somehow equivalent does not support the " ... Dynaco VTA tube amp kits, all products and all products ..." as being unique products with unique benefits, it weakens it. So the prices are irrelevant.

    * On the other hand, maybe I would have already made more money than any human can possibly spend, and would be spending my dotage on audio forums for classic tube gear.


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    Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

    Post by PeterCapo on Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:35 pm

    I suggest it's simpler than all that.  I don’t think it’s so much "complaining" about the price of the Radial St-70.  I perceive the point to be that other versions of the Stereo 70 are a better value (especially the version that each poster is most enthusiastic about).  And this would not be just for value’s sake, but also for sound quality.  That’s what I get from some of the posts.

    In this sense, I don’t think it matters how technically similar or different the Radial St-70 is to any other release of the St-70.  Forget Radial for a moment.  There have been those here who feel Bob’s St-70 is equal to or even better than the vaunted McIntosh MC275 that now sells for, what, something like $7,000?

    But, since Radial apparently presents their amplifier as a "Stereo 70" that is a kind of successor to the original, then comparisons to the other Stereo 70s happen pretty easily and, IMO, understandably.
    Bob Latino

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    Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

    Post by Bob Latino on Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:14 am

    Rather than argue ad infinatum about whether Radial Dynaco ST-70X will or will not sell, I am going to just shut this thread down. If the ST-70X sells @ $3K and its sales take off, I will admit to being wrong ..


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    Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

    Post by DynakitParts on Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:22 am

    May I call you Johnny,
    Apparently Radial Engineering has gotten off to a rough start with the release of their new ST-70 amplifier. It should be no surprise that this amplifier would be compared to the current products mentioned here on this forum. In the absence of actually listening to this amplifier the only comparison one could make would be the sell price. I think we all agree that there is a monumental price difference compared to most all current ST-70 variants and regardless of how this product is marketed including the suggestion that David Hafler guided the designers at Radial Engineering from the grave...In the end...the consumer will decide the success of this product. John...what is your association with Radial Engineering?

    Kevin Devaney


    Dynakit, Inc

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    Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

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